Corporate Law

Business leaders need comprehensive legal guidance combined with exceptional judgment as they navigate the complicated world of managing their companies. Legal advice from an experienced and well-practiced corporate lawyer is required for structuring, start-up requirements, expansion, closing or exiting a business, as well as general questions that arise from day-to-day operational activities.

Martha Dwyer has a formidable background in corporate law and is alert to issues that require other expertise, such as tax, accounting and regulatory law, particularly in healthcare.  She has been known to provide her clients with cohesive legal advice that is customized and detailed to their unique needs and circumstances. In addition, she has routinely engaged in high level transactions across various industry sectors, covering such aspects as dispute management, corporate governance, equity transfers and acquisitions and sales of businesses.

In offering corporate guidance, Martha Dwyer meticulously studies the client’s present situation, as well as the business context and the challenges that the future might bring. All her dealings with corporate entities bear the mark of deeply rooted trust, which has been solidly built through her unmistakable commitment to helping businesses secure their bottom line needs, while also minimizing the risks that come with each transaction.

With her many years of experience as a corporate law attorney, Martha Dwyer can expertly guide clients in selecting proper business structure and addressing other issues such as:

  • Forming a business
  • Preparing and negotiating necessary organizational documents and agreements
  • Handling the legal aspects of corporate finance
  • Identifying and complying with legal and regulatory requirements
  • Adding or removing principals and equity holders
  • Converting a business to another entity form
  • Dealing with liquidation, bankruptcy and insolvency
  • Drafting employee arrangements, both for employees and consultants and individuals who are being severed, and for the companies on the other side