Marijuana industry executives nationwide are scrambling to understand how Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to rescind Obama-era protections for the legalized cannabis industry will affect their companies and employees

Legal experts cautioned against making hasty decisions – given that it remains to be seen whether Sessions and the U.S. Justice Department will unleash a widespread crackdown on state-legal marijuana industries. A key question is whether federal prosecutors who decide to target marijuana businesses will have the people and the money to take action. It is generally believed that federal prosecutors are unlikely to get much help from local law-enforcement authorities in states where marijuana is legal. States that collect marijuana taxes are less likely to enforce the federal law.


Under the terms of the stop-gap federal budget approved on January 22, the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Amendment will be extended until February 8, when the budget agreement expires.

The amendment, previously known as Rohrabacher-Farr, prohibits the U.S. Department of Justice from using any federal money to interfere with state MMJ laws or businesses.

The measure does not protect recreational marijuana companies.

The measure does not protect recreational marijuana companies.

The amendment’s ultimate fate is in doubt because GOP congressional leaders haven’t allowed it to come up for a vote in the House of Representatives.